PooPin Board Novelty Magnetic Pad


Eco friendly magnetic pin board with handmade paper notes made from recycled elephant dung.

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PooPin board novelty magnetic pad. Magnetic pin board covered in recycled fabric with note paper made from recycled elephant dung with a some what recycled paper pen! Comes with 6 pins and a selection of naturally coloured paper sheets.

Made in a similar way to other handmade paper, with a few extra processes due to its fibrous nature and the need to remove bacteria! Several processes are required to collect, clean and disinfect the poo before drying it and forming into paper.

This paper is probably one of the most ecologically safe papers to make and use. Colours, if added, are made with vegetable and natural dyes. No bleach is used and the waste water is let out into cultivated fields close by, and works as a great fertilizer.

Made in India.


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