Aromatherapy Spa Shower Bombs


Aromatherapy spa shower bombs



Aromatherapy spa shower bomb. Bath bombs for your shower! Just place a bomb on your shower tray and shower as normal. When the water hits the bomb it will release aromatherapy essential oils to create a spa steam room experience leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalised.

  • Kickstart your day : menthol and eucalyptus essential oils to clear your airways, wake you up and give you the zing to tackle your day.
  • Restore and revitalise: a blend of citrus essential oils for a refreshing lift. Ease anxiety and lift your mood to enhance well being and increase productivity.
  • Reset and focus: citrus essential oils to refresh blended with menthol and eucalyptus essential oils to sharpen and focus and healing calendula officinalis flower for an all round reset.
  • Refresh: grapefruit and citrus essential oils to balance your mood, relieve stress and leave you ready to face the day.
  • Floral explosion: a blend of healing flowers to lift your spirits.
  • De-stress and relax: soothing lavender flowers and essential oil blended with mandarin essential oil to relax, reduce stress and aid a peaceful sleep.

Bombs may be used more than once depending on where it is placed in your shower (and how long you linger enjoying the uplifting and soothing spa experience!). Just remove and allow to dry before storing in a dry place.

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